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Not wack at all. “Knights who say knee” is the most clever thing I’ve seen all week. Exceptional breakdown this week, especially for a tourist in medtech (like myself).

Keep ‘em coming brother 🙌👊💪

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Will do, appreciate you reading it and taking the time!

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Great series, Preston. I appreciate your work on this series immensely. One caveat on this installment, as it relates to ortho & spine especially, is that the sales partner IS the distributor. And most of the large manufacturers have direct sales forces where they own the entire delivery method from the finished product (at latest) to the patient.

Ortho/spine is a special beast that large distributors in the game have not been able to crack due to the complexities of delivery (there's some specialty 3PLs that do some of this work) and have had to rely on the reps in the field to manage that last inch of successful delivery.

It seems like it would make things more streamlined, but it hasn't. Would love to chat on it if interested.

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